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Jennifer John

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Love Sings is the brainchild of creative director Jennifer John. In her many years as co-founder of the award winning music company Sense of Sound she has trained, developed and inspired thousands of singers and choirs in her hometown, Liverpool, nationally and internationally. This latest venture aims to bring people together through massed singing events.

Jennifer says: "It's one of the magical gifts in life that easily unites us socially, creatively and spiritually. People love to sing in all kinds of scenarios and the natural resonance that group singing creates, guides people into a safe familiarity and closeness that stays with them profoundly even when the singing has stopped. People who sing together especially in choirs become families of choice and it's powerful. My aim, through the creation and development of singing initiatives and projects, is to bring people and communities together naturally and joyfully."

The Team

Matt Baker

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Matt Baker

Matt Baker is a multi-talented professional - with masses of music and theatre experience working with people of all ages from within the profession and in many communities. As artistic director of Theatre in the Quarter, artist for the International Schools Theatre Association, musical director for A Handbag of Harmonies, composer of many theatre productions across the country including Chester Mystery Plays 2003 - 2018, professional actor and all-round entertainer, Matt’s talents are always in high demand.

At the heart of much of Matt’s work is music, in particular singing. Matt inspires people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to enjoy the power of singing together. He runs singing workshops of all scales, from large scale national conferences and town squares to school playgrounds and village halls.

Matt says: “It is always an enormous joy to ignite a space with the joy of song, harmony and movement, whether that is a stadium or a cathedral, a street or a school hall. The power of singing can bring people together, fill people with joy, let people tell their stories, or enable people to celebrate who they are, remember times past or dream of a brighter future.”

Matt Lammin

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Matt Lammin

Matt Lammin is a versatile musical maestro with a wealth of experience in many facets of the musical world, and he is constantly in demand. He is a musician, vocalist, arranger, composer and musical director.

Matt’s love of music stems from being brought up within a musical family; he went on to study Music and Popular Music at the University of Liverpool and obtained his Masters degree in Music Performance (Popular Vocals & Piano) at The University of Salford. His true passion and commitment to music came when he joined Sense of Sound Singers in 2005. With Sense of Sound Singers, Matt has performed on BBC television, provided backing vocals for and collaborated with a number of critically acclaimed artists, and he has also provided musical direction on an array of high profile projects.

Matt is highly regarded as a vocal arranger and his choir arrangements are performed all over the globe. His commissions have included composing a piece for a choir in Pennsylvania and being flown over for the world premiere performance of it.

Matt is also a part-time music classroom teacher and singing teacher at Birkenhead High School Academy, which is a specialist music academy. He invests a huge amount of energy and passion to the students there and has established high quality ensembles and developed innovative and professional performance opportunities.

Matt says: “There are so many things that I love about music but there is nothing quite as special as people coming together to sing. It empowers people, it builds bonds between people and it requires people to let their guard down and trust each other. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what the world needs right now!”


Pride 2017

Jennifer will be conducting a spectacular massed singing event at this year's Pride celebrations on Sunday 30th July. The event, which will feature 6 choirs will be a show in 2 halves. The first half will showcase the 6 choirs singing 2 songs each and The featured choirs are:

  • Sunlight Unplugged
  • Over The Water
  • Up For Arts Community Choir
  • Liverpool LGBT choir
  • Hangbag of Harmonies
  • The second half will see all the choirs join together for a 30 minute massed singing performance of well known songs and Jennifer's own composition, Love Sings. Thomas Lang is the special guest and will be joining the massed singing section by leading on Wonderful World. This year's theme is International Love and the the repertoire of well known songs will reflect this.

    The event starts at 3pm. Come along, bring your families, friends and voices to join in with what promises to be a joyous, harmonious sing along.

    3pm at St. George's Hall


    SINGERS: How to audition successfully

    Jennifer John is a vocal coach on ITV’s The Voice and The Voice Kids. Her extensive career as a vocal coach and specialist in Artist Development for singers has seen her work nationally and internationally. As co-founder of award winning company Sense of Sound she has worked with and inspired thousands of people throughout her 25 year career as lecturer, mentor and vocal coach.

    On Sunday July 16th Jennifer will be delivering a masterclass at Rare Studio in Liverpool city centre.

    The Masterclass will cover the following:

  • Vocal techniques and warm ups
  • Presentation skills
  • The importance of body language and personality
  • Best song choices to compliment vocal quality
  • The importance of authenticity
  • *This Masterclass is open to those aged 16 and above

    10am - 1pm at Rare Studio, 56 Wood Street, L1 4AQ


    Tickets can be purchased through Eventbright

    For more information, please email

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    Light Night 2017: No Time Like The Present

    Do you love to sing? If yes, then Love Sings is a new initiative spearheaded by Sense of Sound’s co-founder, Jennifer John.

    This event will be the first in an exciting series of massed singing events that will take place across the city throughout 2017 and beyond.

    On the night you will learn a new original a cappella song with lots of uplifting harmonies in celebration of our collective voices. Everyone is welcome. This is about bringing people together in a spirit of collaboration and joy. Whether you are an experienced singer or someone who is new to singing you are invited to take part. There is no time like the present.

    Date: Friday 19th May 2017

    Time: 9pm – 10pm

    Location: The Picton Reading Room, Central Library Liverpool

    Price: FREE

    Liverpool Pride 2016: We Are Family

    The Choirs Project at Liverpool Pride. Official film. July, 2016. Funded by Arts Council England.

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